Monday, June 16, 2014

Help me work with Chris Abani at VONA!

I've been blessed with the opportunity to attend another summer week (June 22-28) of residency at VONA, this time to work with Chris Abani. My intentions for this residency is to develop the chapters of my memoir, Full of Grace: A Dominican Girl's Attempted Escape from Womanhood, that deal with the memories of my parents.

Some of the questions I need to address in these first two chapters are:

  • Where can I find and how do I situate mami's and papi's agency as children?
  • Where am I missing the opportunities of my parents' attempts at loving? Why am I missing them?
  • Am I seeing the complicated ways that my father was becoming a boy and a man? Am I doing enough to acknowledge more than, and see the parts of him beyond and underneath his capacity to hurt?
  • Am I problematizing my mother's position as victim? Am I protecting her too much to see the moments where her choices perpetuated violence and were influenced by living in a culture of violence?

I think you will agree that Chris Abani has much to offer a writer who is digging for the heart of memories:

Help make this residency possible by contributing what you can. My goal is to reach $600. I will be sending personal, heartfelt, email updates on the writing process and residency experience to those who contribute! Thankfully, and I am grateful for this, given my financial circumstance, VONA has allowed me to spread payments throughout the summer. No fee is applied to me if you contribute using your own paypal account.

Amount Raised: $440

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